Frequently asked questions

Every project has different needs and customers wish to structure projects in different ways.  Below is a helpful frequently asked questions to learn more about SG Inc and how we can support your next project.

Common Questions Asked By Our Clients.

SGI is active on projects in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and New York.

No, SGI only does commercial projects

SGI has completed various scopes on projects of up to 100MW in size and has bonding ability up to $5m on a single project, $10m aggregate.

SGI does not have a particular minimum and welcomes the opportunity to evaluate any size project, permitting it is commercial.

SGI has longstanding in-house employees, many 10-20 years with the company.  Occasionally, SGI partners with other construction companies and/or labor sources to support larger projects in the 30MW and above range.  On projects 3MW and below, in-house construction crews are utilized.

No, all low voltage AC and DC electrical work is completed in house.

No, all excavation is completed in-house.

No, all concrete work is completed in-house.

Specialty work such as cranes, directional boring, surveying, post driving, medium voltage terminations and new utility pole installation.

Yes, SGI has capabilities of completing mechanical scopes on ground mounts and rooftop projects.

Yes, all electrical construction and possibly mechanical, depending on project size.

No, SGI does not do project development or engineering but is glad to refer other companies in the Mid-Atlantic that provide this service.