Large-scale solar power projects continue to grow due to high demand and the urgent need for power. However, the complexity of larger projects requires considerable expertise to plan, develop and deliver projects on time, on scope, and on budget.

With over 160 MW of solar experience and a steadily growing pipeline, our team has successfully developed, constructed, and operated large-scale solar projects for our clients. SG Inc. is a trusted partner for developers, utilities, and power producers delivering end-to-end solar solutions.

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Client: Alpha Energy
Project Size: 30 MW
Location: Halifax, NC
Client: Hurlock WWM
Project Size: 2.7 MW
Location: Hurlock, MD
Client: Alpha Energy
Project Size: 100 MW
Location: Hope Mills, NC

Businesses are increasingly embracing solar to take advantage of government incentives, hedge against rising energy prices, and gain energy independence. SG Inc. has helped businesses successfully adopt solar to reduce their costs, decrease their carbon footprint, and guard their business against unpredictable utility rate hikes.

Managing multi-million dollar projects across all industries gives us the expertise to deliver the optimal solutions to meet your energy goals. With more than 160 MW of solar energy contacts to date, we plan, construct, and deliver projects for businesses of any size.

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Client: Target
Project Size: 550 KW
Location: Charlotte, NC
Client: US Navy
Project Size: 850 KW
Location: Patuxent, MD
Client: Kohls
Project Size: 750 KW
Location: Raleigh, NC